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FoldX Suite - Protein Design Software
The FoldX Suite builds on the strong fundament of advanced protein design features, already implemented in the successful FoldX, and exploits the power of fragment libraries, by integrating in silico digested backbone protein fragments of different lengths. Such fragment-based strategy allows for new powerful capabilities: loop reconstruction, impl...
Published: 19/03/2016   |   Inventor(s): Luis Serrano, Javier Delgado, François Stricher, Erik Verschueren, Peter Vanhee
Keywords(s): Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Protein Structure & Design, Software
Category(s): Software & Algorithms
catRAPID: large-scale sequence-based prediction of protein–RNA interactions
catRAPID estimates the binding propensity of protein-RNA pairs by using sequence information only. The algorithm can be used to predict protein associations with coding and non-coding transcripts. Predictions have proved very accurate (> 0.8) when validated by traditional Immunoprecipitation methods, like RIP and CLIP.Applications and Services:I...
Published: 09/03/2016   |   Inventor(s): Gian Gaetano Tartaglia, Federico Agostini, Davide Cirillo, Petr Klus
Keywords(s): Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Biomarkers, Genomics, Protein Structure & Design, Software
Category(s): Software & Algorithms




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