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FoldX Suite - Protein Design Software

The FoldX Suite builds on the strong fundament of advanced protein design features, already implemented in the successful FoldX, and exploits the power of fragment libraries, by integrating in silico digested backbone protein fragments of different lengths. Such fragment-based strategy allows for new powerful capabilities: loop reconstruction, implemented in LoopX and peptide docking, implemented in PepX. The Suite also features an improved usability, thanks to a new boost Command Line Interface.


Applications and Services:

  • Protein Engineering
  • Force-Field-based Protein Modeling
  • Protein Stability Prediction
  • Alanine Scanning
  • In silico Protein Screening
  • In silico Antibody Design
  • Binding Site Discovery
  • Peptide and DNA Docking
  • Spatial Aggregation Propensity
  • Customized Big Data management and analysis



The FoldX Suite delivers a comprehensive portfolio of specialized tools for protein engineering

  • FoldX Force Field provides a fast and quantitative estimation of the stability of proteins and protein complexes.
  • InterpretiX is a new command line interface that allows encapsulation of the different software packages of the FoldX Suite.
  • LoopX allows fast and accurate prediction of protein loop structure by means of a library of non-regular structure elements, clustered according to end-to-end distance between the regular residues flanking the loop.
  • PepX allows fast and accurate prediction of peptide docking by means of a library of protein building blocks and a library of protein-peptide binding motifs.
  • DnaX predicts DNA docking into protein by using the structural information stored in Protein-DNA crystal structures deposited in the PDB.
  • BackX mimics protein backbones flexibility by means of small protein fragment superposition over anchor points, resulting in modelling backbone moves.
  • YasaraPG is a dedicated graphical user interface to Yasara.



  • Windows, Linux and Mac OS compatible
  • Available for free for Academic use


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Salvatore Cappadona
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