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A unique B-cell model system for transdifferentiation and human immune modulation
The cells, derived from a B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, can be easily converted into human macrophage-like cells with 100% efficiency in just few days, recapitulating human macrophage function and biology better and more conveniently than existing model systems.  They can be used for basic research and drug development purposes in relation...
Published: 5/3/2017   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Graf, Francesca Rapino
Keywords(s): Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cell-based Assay, Immune / Inflammatory Diseases, Immuno-oncology, Infectious Diseases, Metabolic Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Oncology
Category(s): Therapeutics (Biologics & Compounds), Research Tools (cell lines, mice, kits, ABs, ...), Drug Targets & Mechanisms
Novel peptide sequences for efficient protein secretion in bacteria
The peptides of the invention drive the optimal secretion of fused polypeptides out of Mycoplasma cells.They have multiple potential applications, in particular in the area of synthetic biology and next-generation bacterial-based therapies and vaccination.Technology:Synthetic biology enables researchers to engineer biological systems for a myriad of...
Published: 10/25/2015   |   Inventor(s): Luis Serrano, Maria Lluch, Bernhard Paetzold
Keywords(s): Bioengineering, Synthetic Biology
Category(s): Therapeutics (Biologics & Compounds), Biotechnology, Life Stock & Agriculture, Research Tools (cell lines, mice, kits, ABs, ...), Vaccines




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